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How am I going to do this marathon thing…

Ugh- 20 miles done.Not done well and definitely not enjoyed.

 I thought last weeks 18 miles was bad. This was so much worse.Perhaps I am just a big ol’ wimp. Time wise, I am not complaining.I am just glad I finished. Not sure how I will finish a marathon in 3 weeks, though!
My plan was to start early- like 4:45am. I didn’t get going until 5:30ish. It was already 74+ degrees.It was well into the 80’s by the time I finished. The last 7 miles were just long and not fun. 
I am just terrible at running in the heat…that and I didn’t drink enough water. I carried a handheld water bottle-but I  never have before so I didn’t fill it much, thinking that it would be too awkward and heavy.
To try and cut this long story short, there was not enough water and there was too much sun. Miserable 20 miles.
Later that day it got into the 100’s.

Live and learn. Now I know better.If I am going to do long runs in the summer, I need to do smaller loops and hydrate MUCH more often.
Maybe the next one won’t feel so awful.