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Phases of life and the birthday boy…

I suppose I should try out this blogging thing again. It’s been a while, so I may have forgotten how to do it.Not that I ever really knew what I was doing. I was supposed to finish describing our fabulous Disneyland trip-should have had that all done and finished weeks ago :). Our life schedule has been kicking my buttand I am just now getting into the groove of it all.I recall when my kids were all very little.(We had 5 kids in just under 6 years- cuz we’re cool like that).I clearly remember thinking: “Things will get easier once they are a little older” Certain things do get easier.No diapers, wipes, bottles, pacifiers. They can entertain themselves (mostly) and can walk on their own (mostly). I failed to realize that as kids get older,they start DOING stuff. That’s when the “I’m always in the car” phase begins.That’s the phase we are in now.As far as I can tell, it will last until all of my kids graduate.In 2026. Something to look forward to ;).
Good thing I love my kids… and enjoy watching them participate in activities that they really love. Speaking of loving my kids – Today is my oldest baby’s birthday! My D-man is 10 years old! Double digits!

 Can’t believe I have a 10 year old child.I remember being 10. I can’t be old enough to have a 10 year old… yet here I am :). I am very lucky to have this boy.He is a wonderful kid and the best oldest child a mom could ask for. When he was little, I remember thinking that this whole motherhoodthing is a piece of cake- he was such an easy-going baby. Even pretty much potty-trained himself. He loves when I talk about his potty-training ;). This is turning out to be the post about all the random thingsthat are going on in my brain right now. Tomorrow I am headed off to the St. George Marathon!

So excited to do this race.I don’t know that I am completely prepared-but it’s happening even if I am not ready.No real goals.I just need to get ‘er done.I have managed to come in under 4 hoursin all 4 of my past marathons…so I would love to get under 4 hours.Wish me luck! One more random topic.I won a race medal hanger from Running on the Wall-so all of my medals finally have a home!


(Terrible picture- sorry about that!)I didn’t get to choose which one I got and I probablywould not have chosen this particular one- but I love it!I will be repeating this over and over come Saturday morning. There is an empty hook just waiting for that St. George medal.