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Another marathon and Disneyland day 2…

Not quite 2 weeks after St. George-still super happy about the outcome of that race… and I have another marathon this Saturday!

I won an entry into this one, so why not? I have ran something like 5 miles in the past 1.5 weeks. I am calling it tapering. I figure I just ran 26.2- can’t get much more ready for a marathon than that, right?
I don’t plan on pushing this one. Only goal is under 4 hours-but even that isn’t something I’m set on.Just running to enjoy the run… that’s my plan.As with any marathon- just finishing is always the main goal. Wish me luck!
Now, on to Disneyland day 2! (even though it happened over a month ago)
Day 2 was California Adventure!Here comes the picture overload…
We had a reservation set up at Ariel’s Grotto-We had some princesses with us that needed to meetup with some Disney Princesses .Check out these beautiful girls…

Then we were seated at a table,where appetizers were brought out and drink orders were taken.
We got through the appetizers and first round of drinksbefore a manager came by and told us that there was a plumbing issue and they would not be able to serve lunch.If you have been to a character meal at Disney, you knowthat they are super fun but also NOT super cheap.
So we didn’t get lunch, but we did get to meet Princesses!Without waiting in line.AND- we didn’t have to pay a thing. Score.

 A lunch hour well spent at California Adventure :).
While we were there,the husband took the kids who did NOT care to meet princessesover to do a little Jedi Training.As luck would have it,all of my kiddos got chosen to participate!Such good little Padawans I have.(wow, that makes me seem like a huge Star Wars nerd.  I’m really not!)

 They really loved this and I wish I could have been there to watch.
The rest of the day was spent doing the rest ofCalifornia Adventure.I was terrible at taking pictures,but here is what I got!\

 The turkey leg picture cracks me up…and also kinda grosses me out at the same time.B-boy loved that turkey leg.He did NOT eat the whole thing- promise.
It was a great day- some cloud coverand even a tiny bit of rain to keep us a little cooled off.It was pretty hot the whole time we were down in CA,so the rain felt good.
Back soon with the final Disneyland day.Hopefully soon really does mean soon.