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20 miles in circles…

When it is snowy, windy, dark and you have to get your20 mile run done before 9am… what do you do?
Either hop on a treadmill for an excruciating amount of timeor run in many, many circles around the Olympic oval.
The oval seemed like the lesser evil-so many, many laps is what I did.
76 laps to be exact. A little over 20 miles. I like to think that running in the outside lane makes it so much further ;)but I for sure got in that 20 miles!

(Some speed skating races got going right as I was finishing. It was fun to watch.)
The last 19 laps were rough and not pretty.I was a little sad about how hard it felt towards the end.I need to get 2 more 20+ milers done in the next monthor else these marathons I have coming up will be no fun.
Now I get to focus on getting these Girl Scout cookies delivered…

 and by that I mean, telling the husband and our 3 little Girl Scouts where to take them ;).