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33 for my 33rd…

Tuesday was my birthday.I am now officially 33 years old. A nice number.
I did NOT run 33 miles for my 33rd birthday. No time (or desire) to do that on a Tuesday.
I did head to the oval in the early morning hoursto get in a nice birthday run, though.
33 LAPS on my 33rd birthday.

Running in the outside lane (there are 4 lanes- 442 meters around in 1st lane),I figure this is about 9.5 miles- who knows for sure.I felt good about it.Got me prepared for all the eating I did the rest of the day ;).(this is a running blog… not so much a healthy eating blog)
I got home at about 7:20am and had to open all ofmy beautifully wrapped presents before the kids went to school.

Yes, this is how the husband “wraps” gifts.By going down into our storage room and findingany old gift bags he could (I keep the good ones in our closet, but he didn’t know that).The one on the far left was from the baby showerfor our oldest child… who is 10 years old.
When he couldn’t find enough, he resorted to old shopping and takeout bags…

Luckily I am not one who cares about that kind of stuff-it’s the thought that counts, right?
That… and the gifts inside the bags ;).
A giant bag of Hot Tamales:

I am having fun with it.
The husband took the day off of work-so we went out to breakfast AND dinner.Lots of food happened.I love eating so much that I completely forgotto take any more pictures the whole rest of the day.
My little kiddos were extra sweet all day.They were more excited about my birthday than I was!They all made my 33rd birthday a happy one.