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Getting around to it and ready for Spring…

It’s only been 24 days since I last blogged. That’s not too bad ;).
Have no fear- I have been running.I’ve actually stopped being a wimp and started to run outside again. Once I let myself get used to running inside… either on a treadmill or an indoor track…it sure was hard to get my wimpy self out to runin the dark, freezing cold mornings.
I sucked it up a few weeks ago and just did it.

I have to do it alone in the early morning dark,but I stay in my own general neighborhood and carry pepper spray.It does start getting light during the last mile ;).
It’s some good training for my legs, because my neighborhood is full of short steep hills… over and over again.

My kiddos like to take my cooldown walk with me afterward.

All but one fresh out of bed and still in pajamas.We don’t get far before they realize that it’s coldand then we turn around and head back.
So that is what’s been going on with running. Still going strong. 1st marathon of 2013 is in 25 days!I feel plenty ready for it.(not ready for a PR or anything, but still ready)
Then there are the other non-running related thingsthat go along with having 5 children…and that keep me from blogging as often as I would like.
Hmmm… this post is all over the placeand I don’t know how to fix it right now.It is what it is.
Anyway- Happy Spring!(we got snow this past weekend) Looking forward to slightly warmer tempsfor the early morning runs!