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Salt Lake City Marathon…

Well, that SLC marathon certainly was wet and cold! Nevertheless- marathon #7 is in the books.
I had planned to make this the race where I actually tookpictures so that I could do a REAL race recap.
Then this happened:

Forget that 30-40% chance of rain.It 100% rained until probably mile 23 :).
I will take rain over unbearable heat or wind,but my hands were freezing and I was completely soaked through.I was a little too focused on avoiding huge puddlesand somehow pulling my phone out of my Spibeltwas the last thing I wanted to do. Except the one time I pulled it out at mile 9… when my 10 year old called me 3 times in a row. Called me to ask if he could use the computer,because he didn’t want to wake up dad and ask him ;).For real.
Anyway-It was pretty cold at the start and the rain certainly didn’t help.I got to the TRAX station nice and early and caughta train up to the finish- that only took about 10 minutes. They did have Homeland Security there with bomb dogs-they had to sniff every bag before we could get off the train. No complaints from me- I appreciated the extra security.
Getting to a race early means no lines for the “bathrooms”. So I may have used those a few times. I found a nice, unused port-o-potty and part of me just wantedto hang out in there for an hour ;). Okay, not really… but it was warm in there! Getting to a race early also means a long time to wait out in the cold.
I wandered back and forth to keep warm and did get this pic of the start:

The time actually passed pretty quicklyand soon it was time to take off my warm sweatsand shiver uncontrollably as we waited for the gun.

hey played “Sweet Caroline” right at the start-to dedicate the race to Boston. I also had my Boston RunNow bracelet on:

(As well as a homemade bracelet)
I fell in step with the 3:45 pacers early on and stuck with themfor pretty much the entire race.I pulled ahead of them for a few miles and then slowed downand fell back in with them again. Since I have another marathon in 2 weeks, I didn’t want to gotoo fast and completely burn myself out.
I felt really good for almost the entire race. The whole race was through the streets of Salt Lake,so that wasn’t going to keep my mind occupied.I was aware of this, so I listened to music in a race for thefirst time in quite a while.  It definitely helped during the boring times. Time seemed to fly by… until mile 20ish. Around mile 21, I always find myself thinking” Maybe I’ll start walking a little bit after each mile”. This is the fatigue talking and fatigue usually convinces me :). I fell behind the 3:45 pacers at an aid station at mile 23. That sluggish feeling was sinking in and 3 miles felt FAR.I took another gel at mile 24.5 and it must have beenwhat I was needing, because I got a second wind. I picked up the pace and started gaining some ground on the pacers. At this point they were running alone.  A couple of the guys with them had gone on ahead,but most everyone else and fallen back (including me!). I managed to catch up with them about a block from the finish :). They just pushed me to run ahead and finish strong,which I did- a nice 3:44:57 official chip time. Right on target- good pacing, Pacers!

(I clearly didn’t run the tangents very well or my Garmin was off)
That’s my 3rd fasted time (only about 30 seconds off of my 2nd fastest)and I feel really good about my time. My goal was to just keep an even pace and finish strongwithout killing myself- so that I can do the Provo City Marathon on May 4th.(I won an entry… and I can’t pass up a free race! – I  also have Ogden on May 18th)I ran the first half and last half pretty close to even, so goal met!This course isn’t the easiest, especially compared to other Utah marathons.I prefer rolling hills over the huge drops, though. I don’t feel like the rain was a huge factorexcept for being weighed down by soaking wet clothes ;).
I look absolutely terrible in the race pictures,so there is no way I am buying any of those. They can be found here if you want to see lots of awkwardness: 316
I get more pictures of myself at the finish when my family is able to come,but they had soccer games all morning. Thus, I was alone, cold and ready to get to my car. The shuttle back to my car was awesome and took no time at all. My drop bag had clearly been sitting out in the rain for hours, though-so all of my warm clothes were soaking wet.
Overall, I think this race was very well organized. The aid stations were very well stocked with water and Gatorade.The volunteers were amazing and there were lots of them. I only saw them handing out GU at 2 stations, though.I think they should hand them out more often during marathons. Also, oranges and bananas would have been nice toward the end. The race started on time and the finish line food was good.I didn’t look around much after because I was so COLD .I was also very impressed with the amount of police presence.Every single road (and there were a LOT) had a police officerstanding there- most of them very friendly and rooting us all on.
I would probably do this race again but it conflicts with a lotof my children’s spring activities, so I can’t sign up for it untila few months before when I know our schedule.(Last year I was one of the first 50 to register and paid $35 for the full!)This race gets really expensive the longer you wait to register.
As far as recovery goes, it is now Wednesday and I feel awesome!No soreness at all.I ran an easy 3.5 miles yesterday and walked a mile.It felt good and my body wanted to go faster,but I managed to rein it in… mostly :).
Marathon #8 next weekend!I can’t wait.