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5k Foam Fest!

On August 31st, the oldest daughter and Iget to run in the 5k Foam Fest here in Salt Lake City!

Princess H has been begging me to sign us up for some sort of 
obstacle course/mud run for years but she was never old enough.

Finally she gets her wish!
This race looks awesome and I know she will LOVE it.

Seriously- the obstacles look like so much fun!
Check out videos of them HERE.
It includes:
5 Foot Walls
8 Foot Walls
30 Foot Slip ‘N Slide
50 Foot Slip ‘N Slide
Bouncy Ball Attack
Bungie Trip Wire
Cargo Net Climb
Electric Mud Crawl
Moon Walk
Spider Web Forest
Stumpy Jumper
Mud Pit

 (these obstacles may not ALL be included and may change)

if you would like to come join us-
the cool people over at the 5k Foam Fest have provided 
y’all with a code to get $25 off your registration!

So head on over HERE to register
and enter code FOAMFEST in the promo code area
(towards the end of the registration process).

If you would like to join our team, 
send me a message through the Contact Me page up top
and I will give you our team name!

Hope to see you there for some foamy good times!

Disclaimer: 5k Foam Fest provided me two free race entries to promote their event. I did not nor will not receive any compensation for this or any 5k Foam Fest post. I will do a further post regarding the 5k Foam Fest race but all opinions will be my own according to my own experience with the race.