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Hmm… not quite 2 months since my last post.Not so good.
In those past 2 months I have done 2 half marathons and 2 full marathons.All were rough races for me- but all were completed :).
I will hopefully do individual recaps of all of these,but here is the brief summary!
First was the Seattle RnR Half:

he course was challenging (for me) but it could have been worse!
Next was the Foot Traffic Flat Half in Portland:

I love this race, even though I got my slowest half time EVER. I managed to not charge my Garmin, so I ran free.I enjoyed the scenery, used the bathroom a few times and just ran. Good times. Really, I loved it and will do this race every time we are in Oregon for the 4th.
Next was the Sogonapmit Marathon on July 27th. The elevation profile looked something like this:

A nice climb of about 1700 feet up to the half marathon start… and then back down again. Also, the full marathon started at 3:30am.  Nice and early. My worst marathon time ever but that was expected. I loved this race and will do it again next year.

Plus- the husband did the half marathon, so we got to driveover the race together and I got to cheer him into the finish.

Doesn’t he look like he had so much fun??
Then I did the Park City Marathon this past Saturday. Did I say that the Sogonapmit was my worst marathon ever? Well, that didn’t last long.Enter the Park City Marathon. The stars did not align for this race.It is another tough course with a gradual climb until mile 16 or 17. I had issues during this race that I have never had before… we’ll leave it at that.

 Even though it was a terrible race day for me, 
it was still a beautiful.
I kind of want to try it again so I can conquer it-
instead of feeling like it conquered me ;).

 Still crossed that finish line, though.

That puts my total at 8 races for the year.
2 half marathons
6 full marathons.

I managed to get my 2nd Marathon Maniac star
by completing 6 marathons in 4 months.
I’m starting to feel a little worn down :).

The next race is coming up next weekend and it’s a fun one!
More info on that in my next post… coming SO very soon.