Moms Gone Running Uncategorized Now I’m embarrassed…

Now I’m embarrassed…

Maybe not embarrassed.Just sick of my whiny excuses.
Even though I know they are real excuses- they feel lame.
So here’s the new one.After my great 8 mile run comeback on Monday, my back started to hurt.
Upper back on the left side.Hurts to reach for thing or lift things with my left arm-
hurts to breathe deeply.

It hurts somewhere inside this red circle here:

I don’t know what is going on.I didn’t run on Valentine’s day, hoping it would go away.It did not.I have been taking ibuprofen and trying hot AND cold packs.
Anyone experience anything like this before?
I really hate going to the doctor if they are just goingto tell me to do exactly what I have already been doing.(I’m cheap, what can I say?)
But I may have no choice.

Despite how it may seem, I really don’t like missing workouts.
It really sucks.
Toying with the idea of pushing through the pain
and doing my speedwork today anyway.

A little scared that the arm-pumping will be very unhelpful, though.

Otherwise, I may have to push back my training a week.
I have a race this weekend and I just need this to go away.

I found out the first marathon I have scheduled in May
is not a Boston Qualifier, so I have a few extra weeks to play with.
I can focus my training on the marathon in June.

And that is the end of my whiny excuses- for now ;).

Hope y’all had a happy Valentine’s Day!